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A collage of a person's face

27 May 2024

MOODY: Harnessing a coin cell battery for emotion recognition

Discover MOODY by CSEM: The ultra-low-power vision system for emotion recognition powered by a coin cell battery. Achieve energy-efficient, long-lasting HMI, access control, and driver safety solutions with our sub-mW technology.

Two men standing next to a triangle shaped location marker in the geographical heart of Switzerland.

22 April 2024

CSEM’s leadership handover upholds innovation in Basel Area, Central Switzerland, and the Graubünden

As CSEM Vice President Philippe Steiert prepares for his leadership handover to Vincent Revol, CSEM celebrates a legacy of foresight and innovation.

Reufa Junuzovic, experte au csem, guide les jeunes du Kinderlab dans leur expérience sur la surface des bulles de savons.

28 March 2024

Kinderlab: The playground for future science stars

Focus on Kinderlab Landquart, a pioneer of after-school science programs in Switzerland since 2012. Kinderlab offers guided projects and expert-led workshops, inspiring children to tackle scientific challenges with enthusiasm.

Close up of a hand cupping water

22 March 2024

Navigating the flow: CSEM’s impact on World Water Day, 2024

Discover CSEM’s leadership in water monitoring solutions on World Water Day 2024. World Water Day, celebrated on March 22, highlights the importance of water for our well-being, food supply, energy, security, and the environment.

A dynamic light painting image in a circular formation denoting time and frequency waves.

27 February 2024

Explore the Future of Time and Frequency: Join EFTF 2024 in Neuchâtel!

The European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF) is an international conference and exhibition on the latest advancements in the fields of Frequency and Time. Its 37th edition takes place in Neuchâtel in June 2024.

Stage presentation at an international conference

26 February 2024

CSEM presents 22nm Bluetooth® Transceiver at ISSCC 2024, redefining power efficiency and RF performance

Last week, at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC 2024) in San Francisco, CSEM unveiled its ultra-low power Bluetooth® Dual-Mode radio transceiver in 22nm.

icyTRX- best-in-class Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver

14 February 2024

SwissChips Initiative: A boost for the Swiss Chip industry

The SwissChips Initiative aims to strengthen Swiss research collaborations in IC design and microelectronics. Launched by CSEM, EPFL and ETH Zurich, it enjoys backing by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

A hand with a glove holding a transparent so called Smart Lid for Perfusion

1 February 2024

Organoids as alternative to donor organ transplantation for patients with liver disease

The EU-H2020 funded ORGANTRANS project is poised to potentially save thousands of lives. This groundbreaking initiative leverages cutting-edge technologies to address the critical shortage of donor organs.

Two men standing in front of a telescope

29 January 2024

CSEM splits ‘Systems’ unit to strengthen ‘Medtech’ and ‘Instrumentation’ innovation

To better serve its clients and partners, CSEM has restructured its ‘Systems’ unit into two new units: ‘Medtech’ and ‘Instrumentation’. The change allows CSEM to tailor its resources and strategies to each sector more effectively, and to offer more innovative and value-added services and solutions.